Knitta, Please!

The title of this post was taken from a group of would be knitters who never seem to be able to finish a project. So instead, they adorn the world’s car antennas, telephone poles, and what have you with their sweater sleeves of good intention. The most hilarious thing about this group are their Knittin’ in the Hood monikers.

While perusing this little site I came across yet another amazing knitting pattern. Oh yes. I am totally making this. Soon I will have a complete Star Wars collection made entirely of yarn! For those of you who did not see my previous post on this, I have included the other amazing pattern I found as well. Check out the sweetness!

Hopefully the knitting lessons will help me to accomplish these two feats of spun glory. Maybe if I am lucky the instructor will have me wear a face shield and make me purl with the force! Obi Wan can only hope.

Holy Jenn

Last May I finally got off my “what the hell kind of sister are you” ass and went to visit Jenn in San Francisco. It was so much fun! I was really glad that I was able to spend time with her before she moved to Connecticut. We saw movies, and went to the de Young Museum to see this amazing exhibit on Vivienne Westwood. Incredible! I loved every moment we were able to spend together.

I love you, Nenny!!

Everyday Life – Kitchen

Everyday Life – Humor at Work

This was an email chain between myself and two of my vendors, Paul and Chad.

Paul: It’s ‘Photos of your Favorite 80’s Metal Band Day’

Me: Hmmm not bad. But, honestly, how can you contend with this bad boy?!

Chad: Does Flock of Seagulls count as metal…….? At least maybe aluminum….If not I am going to vote for Poison because Rock of Love is awesome!

Me: I think it can count as metal, as long as you have a pair of these pants on order.

Chad: I guess they are out then cuz all I have on order is this…..

Me: Which one? The guy in the night shirt?

Oh wait…you were talking about the clothes. Not the actual men in them….just figured from the Flock of Seagulls reference….never mind.

Chad: Hey I could do a lot worse than Scott Bakula, from Quantum Leap and Major League III fame.

Me: Nice.

Is it just me or does this remind anyone else of that scene in the strip joint from Mr. Mom?

Some one give Michael Keaton some singles!

Chad: Give $220…$221 whatever it takes…..

Hi Creepy Fingers

Take a look at the second picture from the left in my banner. Holy Alien Fingers! Is it just me or do my fingers look ridiculously long?

Just an odd observation.

Everyday Life – Beauty Pageants

Oh what a gem Annie sent to me, today. I hope to one day aspire to the Jedi level of this superstar. I didn’t realize that trumpet lessons were part of the training!

Fun with the Girls!

This Saturday, Annie, Amber, and I are taking knitting lessons. And then the next Saturday, Amber and I will be rocking out to the joyful sounds of Linkin Park! Two totally different kinds of events, but two that I am greatly looking forward to.

Amber summed it up the best in her email this morning. Totally cracked me up.

This week:

Next week:

Kind of anithesis-itical, but totally AWESOME!

I would have to agree :).


Pronunciation: ’ā-tē • ’tü • ’fif-tē

8.jpg Items or less: “Keepers”

1. Jeremy, most definitely.
2. My grandma’s piano.
3. Rootbeer popsicles.
4. Love stories.
5. Good friends.
6. Rain.
7. Reading to Jer at night.
8. Laughter.

2.jpg Number of songs left before I beat Guitar Hero III on Expert!

5.jpg Number of days until Annie and Amber and I have our knitting class! Hi girls!! So excited!!

0.jpg Minutes of decent sleep I had last night. Ugh.

Everyday Life – Tree

I took this picture up at Valley View Golf Course while Jer was having his lesson. I think this may be one of the best “night” photographs I have taken, yet!

I Think Jer is Cringing Inside at the Things I am Doing to This Book.

Heather sent me a comment the other day saying that she cracked the spine of her book and that is was the hardest thing for her to do. That cracked me up. I love books that look like they have been carried with someone through all the days of their life. The crinkled, bent edges, the occasional finger print in the margins, the cover peeling apart; all these things tell their own wonderful story about the journey this book has traveled with its reader. I like to imagine the person flipping to their favorite passage, over and over, so that the book, eventually, opens to that page, automatically. I like to picture them trying to cook and read at the same time, because they just can’t put it down, and the pages get stuck together with brownie mix or spaghetti sauce. I love finding notes or comments in the margins of used books. Especially the books that used to be my grandma’s. I cherish those like they were bars of solid gold. I can imagine her discussing, very animatedly, the themes of greek mythology or Shakespeare. I like the memories of her these books bring to life. So I say, don’t worry about a bent corner or a torn page. These are the things that will be cherished. These are the things that will show that this book has been loved.