Pronunciation: \’ā-tē\ • \’tü\ • \’fif-tē\

8.jpg Good Things.

1. The quiet at the office.
2. The Journal Project
3. Heather’s beginning.
4. This song
5. My “early” birthday gift.

Warning: Not G-Rated

7. Jeremy kissing me for being his suga’ mama :).
8. Foosball.

2.jpg Posts I Have Enjoyed.

1. MACM – Happy Birthday
2. Ali Edwards – Everyday Life

5.jpg Items of Inspiration

1. Macys Bubbles – Moleskine Cahier Journal Notebook
2. Apple Green Paper Cake
3. Mixed Up Month Circle Tags
4. Robot Toddler Tee, Navy on Green
5. Scandinavian Babushka Art Doll – Malin

0.jpg The number of times I have won foosball, today.

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