A Moment of Shock!

Last night, my friends, Jason and Lisa, had their baby.


She was pregnant! What the hell? I can’t believe I had no idea. Seriously, I am speechless. Not because I didn’t know, but because I never pictured these two having kids. Amazing. In any case, I am very very happy for them. Wow…still can’t believe it.

Jeremy and I watched “The Brave One” last night. Talk about a brutal movie. But it made me wonder what I would do if I ever lost Jer. Not something I really like to think about. And it also made me realize that I have become the BIGGEST crier when it comes to tragedy of any level in movies or in real life. I think it has to do with the fact that I constantly relate the situation to my own life. It has become worse and worse over the past few years, because I have so much investment Jeremy and our relationship and our life together. And I feel that if anything were to happen to take any of that away, that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. And anything that makes me start to wonder about that just turns me into a total wreck.

Oh! And on top of all the tragedy and loss, they have to play these remarkably beautiful songs, like “Answer” by Sarah McLachlan. Okay, yeah…I am a total goner. Kleenex will never have to worry about losing it’s market.

Then I got to thinking about Joe and Ashley. Joe left, yesterday, for a year long tour of duty in the Middle East. I, honestly, don’t know how she is doing it. If Jer and I are apart for a weekend, I start to go nuts. I miss him like crazy. I couldn’t imagine an entire year. She is truly a stronger woman than I am.

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  1. Susan,

    Thanks for the compliment, but I sure didn’t feel strong yesterday. It was awful. Much much harder than I expected it to be. Some very vivid images are permanently engrained in my memory from yesterday morning. But, the good news is, that the worst part is over. Now I can focus on being excited to send him packages and working on my sticker-poster-coundown-board. Hey, its a coping mechanism, ok. We’re working on getting used to our “new-normal” and we’re doing pretty well so far.
    Thanks again so much for all the support you have given us. It makes a huge difference. We love you!
    And love your pretty blog, too!

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