Everyday Life – Humor at Work

This was an email chain between myself and two of my vendors, Paul and Chad.

Paul: It’s ‘Photos of your Favorite 80’s Metal Band Day’

Me: Hmmm not bad. But, honestly, how can you contend with this bad boy?!

Chad: Does Flock of Seagulls count as metal…….? At least maybe aluminum….If not I am going to vote for Poison because Rock of Love is awesome!

Me: I think it can count as metal, as long as you have a pair of these pants on order.

Chad: I guess they are out then cuz all I have on order is this…..

Me: Which one? The guy in the night shirt?

Oh wait…you were talking about the clothes. Not the actual men in them….just figured from the Flock of Seagulls reference….never mind.

Chad: Hey I could do a lot worse than Scott Bakula, from Quantum Leap and Major League III fame.

Me: Nice.

Is it just me or does this remind anyone else of that scene in the strip joint from Mr. Mom?

Some one give Michael Keaton some singles!

Chad: Give $220…$221 whatever it takes…..

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