Hold Me Closa’ Tiny Hands That Can’t Find the Beat for Shit.

First of all, many thanks to those of you who have signed my guest book. It makes me feel like I have been slapped upside the head with a pillow full of rainbows and starlight. (Oddly enough, this is the same thing I think Annie’s mangled trimmings from her kitten bush were bleeding onto the ground. But that is another story, and not a dirty one as you might think from the words “mangled” and “kitten bush.” You cheeky monkeys.) For those of you who have not yet done so, and would like to, there is a link to the guestbook on the right hand side. For those of you who don’t, well…in the lovely words of Cartman. Suck my balls.

On a more exciting note, I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the Linkin Park concert with Amber, last Saturday. IT WAS AWESOME!! We made inappropriate gestures with our hands, we mocked a kid that we probably shouldn’t have made fun of and now will be going to hell (Amber will deny this vehemently…but Amber, you know it to be true. Just look at the picture. Just look.), we sang songs; the evening was a complete success.

Before we ventured into the chaos that was the E Center, we decided to dine at Costa Vida. While in line we tried to pick out who we thought would also be attending the concert. Some of the kids were incredibly obvious. You know… mopey, the black skinny jeans sagged low into what I lovingly refer to as the “Rockin’ Poopsack”, black hoody, and a journal to write mournfully about their hatred of the world. Then as Amber and I sat in judgement of the people straight out of a Gap ad, deciding that they couldn’t possibly be going, I looked at my own choice of clothing. Purple and pink argyle socks with a frilly maroon shirt. Who am I to judge?! Saying I was attending the Hannah Montana show would’ve been more believable.

Once the show was over, we stopped by Annie and Amber’s place to get Amber’s things (she stayed over at our house). Annie, exhausted from her (in my opinion) ridiculously long run, was watching TV all bundled up under twenty pounds of blankets. It was very fun to try to convince her that she should get out of her comfy bed, put on some regular clothes, pack a bag, and drive 35 miles to sleep on my couch. Now COME ON! Who can resist that tempting morsel?!!

And on another exciting note, Jeremy and I bought a treadmill!! It is being delivered on Thursday and then I, too, can run for ridiculous lengths. I will have to run twice as far as Annie, though. Anyone who thinks that running on a treadmill gives you any ability in the real world of running is just fooling themselves. AAAAAANNNNNDDDD we also bought a new mattress! This means that there will soon be an actual bed for people to sleep on, upstairs. So Mrs. Shawcroft, would you like to make a reservation? We will leave a mint on the pillow for you and everything.


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  1. I just peed myself when I read the title of this post. That is awful, but oh-so-funny. You’re very clever, Ms Child.

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