Who would have guessed from these gems that there was an artist just waiting to burst forth?!

At the youthful age of 7, I already understood the concept of complementary colors. Also, notice how the shape the hair echoes the shape of the legs and feet, giving the image balance. The green bow on the side shows a lack of skill when it comes to perspective. However, this will be remedied in the future.

Here we see that I am still struggling with perspective. What is the girl doing? Is she standing on a slope? Is she being trampled? Is she giving a thorough examination to the dinosaur? I seem to enjoy the theme of repetition: the matching shaped feet of the girl and dinosaur, they are both blonde, female characters, and everyone in the piece seems to be having a jolly ol’ time!

These early attempts eventually produced such art as this:

I guess it just goes to show that practice makes perfect….or better at least :).

One Response

  1. I still think Mom’s nose looks like a proboscus monkey nose. Nothing personal….

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