That is what Annie and Amber tried to name their Guitar Hero III cop-op band over the weekend. Unfortunately it was too many characters, so it ended up being “Rock You Like a Cup,” which is funnier in my opinion. The name is based on “Rock You Like a Hurricane” by the Scorpions, which Annie desperately begs us to let her play whenever she is up at our house. We have a VERY STRICT no Scorpions rule at our home for many reasons, but mainly: A) The Scorpions suck ass. and 2) The Scorpions SUCK ASS. She constantly tries to sneak the song into play, but Jeremy is like a hawk with the remote and will mute it before the song even begins. Annie is so STUBBORN, that she will play the song while it is on mute, but will try to sing the song herself to keep track of where she is. The problem with this is that she only knows the line “Rock you like a hurricane, ” which she sings, repeatedly. HILARIOUS!!

Annie also delighted us with her imitation of Santa Fe from Newsies. I thought I was going to pee myself!! If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this Disney Classic, please enjoy:

Sadly, I do not have the Santa Fe stylings of Annie Traynor on video. But then again, I think she would kill me if I posted that.

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  1. Oh man, that was the best night EVER…fantatsic dinner, flour in the eyeball, cupcakes galore, rocking out to Guitar Hero, Annie dancing to Newsies, more cupcakes, and lots of laughs. Thanks so much again for hosting. I had a blast.

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