Miss Smarty Pants

This last Friday my mom graduated from college. It was such an awesome experience! I love that our entire family was there cheering her on and causing a huge ruckus and TOTALLY PISSING OFF the poor people around us in the audience. FANTASTIC! She has earned her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and is also ESL certified and earned her TSAL. In the fall she is going to start teaching 4th grade, and as far as I am concerned, will be the GREATEST fourth grade teacher that ever was. In fact I am considering going back to 4th grade just so I can be in her class. I think I could still fit in those desks. And I am pretty sure I will be able to refrain from eating glue this time. (Actually I never did that…although you would have thought I had glued my mouth shut from how little I spoke up in class as a kid.)


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