Junior and Q: Take 2

Q: So you are awfully chatty today. Are you paying attention to someone else?

Junior: Sorry, just don’t have much to say.

Q: Are you deep in thought or something? Do you want me to stop bothering you?

Junior: No, I am just not talkative; that’s all.


Junior: Geeze!

Q: No really…that’s fine. No biggie

Junior: I really just don’t have anything to say. Nothing is wrong. I just don’t.

Q: Junior….When do we ever have anything of importance to say? I mean really. Refer to the “jettison out my butt wound” comment from yesterday.

Junior: True.

Junior: So I guess it was you who sent me that Old 97’s song, “Question,” right?

Junior: Right!? LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN! Gosh! I have something to say and you don’t even listen to me! I hate you!!

Q: Fuck off, ass. You piece of shit. And I thought you sent that to me.

Junior: Ok, fuck! I have no idea who sent me that damn song. Anyways, I can play it.

Q: On itunes? Me too!!

Junior: Shut up, dick; on the guitar.

Q: Oh.

Junior: You are so lame!

Q: See, now that is what I like to call a good old fashioned chat session!

Junior: I know! I must have gotten my second wind.

Q: Excellent….because this conversation was seriously lacking.

Junior: Well not anymore, Mofo! Junior let his balls drop! ITS ON! Who wants me on THEIR corporate team!?

Q: I would totally have you on your corporate team. . . not mine, though.

Junior: I would have me on mine, so there!

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