It just gets underneath my skin and it MAKES ME COMPLETELY INSANE!

Do you ever have an encounter with someone that just irks you for the rest of the day? I had one the other day. I was fuming about it for hours after it happened and the silly thing was it just wasn’t that big of a deal. But, for some reason, I couldn’t let it go.

We were driving to work, going with the flow of traffic at what I thought to be a reasonable speed considering that we were ten miles over the speed limit on a residential road. Well, apparently, this just wasn’t fast enough for the jackass who had been riding my tail for the last few miles. Not really sure where this person intended to go. It was a one lane road, and I was already going as fast as I could in conjunction with the people in front of me. So, we come to a stop at an intersection. This person decides to turn right on the cross street, flip a u-turn, and then turn right back onto the street that we were all just on. But now (OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO BRILLIANT) they are right in front of me. My jaw is starting to clench just thinking about this. I was PISSED!! It was all Jeremy could do to keep me from slamming our car into the back of this asshole. I couldn’t believe they had done that. And for what?! NOTHING. They still couldn’t go anywhere because they were now stuck behind the car that I had been stuck behind. I fumed about this all day.

See…silly. Why do we let things like this get to us so much? Or am I the only one?

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