Junior and Q: Take 5

Junior: How was golfing?

Q: The whole thing is a fucking free for all.

Junior: Hahahahaha really?

Q: They don’t make tee times. If the tee box is open and you are ready, you just go.

Junior: I would think women would like balls flying all over the place.

Q: Haha

Junior: Oh, that isn’t what you meant.

Q: No.

Junior: That would certainly make it more interesting, though!

Q: Totally. Could you imagine?! You are trying to putt and suddenly, THWACK, a big hairy nutsack comes slapping onto the green.

Junior: Hahahahahaha, that is so gross.

Q: What if someone picked it up and started using it as their ball marker! There’s a pun in there somewhere!

Junior: I don’t think you can use a “nutsack” as a marker.

Q: Their putting would be dead nuts on!

Junior: Otherwise, guys would be whippin it out all the time!

Q: Only if their sack was detachable or really long and it rolls out of their pants like a party favor.

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