Everyday Life – Little Planets

3 Responses

  1. Holy Shit, I’m on your blogroll! Little missy, where’d you come from? What the hell? Did I miss something? Apparently you’ve been lurking and I had no idea!

    Well, well … welcome. And in honor of this picture, I say “Grassy Ass” which also sounds like “Gracias” … thank you in Spanish 😉 . Get it? GRASSY ASS?? Hahaha!

    And you’re preggers? Man, I totals heart you ❤

  2. Very nice!

    Whats your setup, camera/equipment/software-wise?

  3. Thanks! I use a Nikon40 and just point and shoot. That’s about it. I seem to keep getting lucky :). My current photo site is being revamped, but you can see some other photos at my Flickr account.

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