Minge or Manhood

My next appointment on July 16th will reveal the secret unknown parts of Rigatoni Rocket!!

Anyone up for a little guessing game? Come on! Only two options (hopefully). Boy or girl; what do you think it will be? Post your guess in the comments section. The winner(s) will receive a batch of my kick ass chocolate chip cookies. If you live out of state I will have to think of some other prize. I don’t think my cookies would hold up in the mail. Which is a shame as they are DAMN GOOD!

Look at the goodness.

Too bad this is not a scratch-n-sniff blog. Actually on second thought that is probably for the best.

6 Responses

  1. boy! if you had morning sickness i would say girl.

  2. I’m going to say “boy”.

    With a nickname like Rigatoni Rocket prior to birth, you could keep using the same name, what with its “man bits”, and all.

  3. I already told you I think its a boy from the sciatic symptoms you were having.

  4. Darn you and your cookies. After seeing that picture, I am this close to running home to make some and saying to heck with this diet. And I’m going to go with Rigatoni Rocket Girl just to avoid the appearance of following the crowd.

  5. I happen to know it is a girl. My daughter must to have a lesbian lover and sixth sense tingles when I say girl. You can bring my cookies wrapped with a bow.

  6. I’m going with girl. If I’m wrong can I still have a cookie?

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