Junior and Q: Take 7

Junior: Shit. Now I am deaf!

Q: Why?

Junior: I was listening to this Japanese news broadcast and had turned up the volume so I could hear it. Then, when I was done, I switched over to iTunes and blew the shit out of my ear holes.

Q: Hahahaha! You idiot.

Junior: Shit up.

Q: You shit up.

Junior: No! You!

Q: Right up your ass crack, you motha!

Junior: But only if I can wipe this upward shit from my crack!

Watch him defy gravity and shit UP his own ass!

Q: Um. . . it’s not really an act of defiance. Babies do it all the time. They manage to shit all over their own backs, leaving their asses fresh and clean.

It’s an act of SHHHEEER POWER!

Junior: Maybe the babies are just defying their mothers!

Q: Oh true. Good point.

Junior: Ever think of that!?

I’ll show you, bitch! Bring me into this world and I am gonna shit all over everything, BUT my own ass!

Q: Do you think the work defy is derived from the word Defecate?

Junior: I think you are on to something!

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