Everyday Life – Pink

Even if Rocket is a boy, he is soooooooo getting a tutu. It’s cool. He will totally be man enough to pull off a butt full of frills.

Featured in photo: Heather’s daughter Venice.

3 Responses

  1. My mom said she wants to get one and run in the park with Venice. I think we all should you me my mom Venice and Roc.

  2. If Rocket is a boy, and you force him to wear tutu’s, make sure you supply the Barbies and the Easy Bake oven, too.

    Just to complete the image.

  3. Badass Geek: Absolutely. In fact Jer can just pass down his Easy Bake Oven to Rocket.

    Yes he has one. I bought it for him for his 23rd birthday. That’s the kind of kick ass wife that I am.

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