Check Out This Bad Boy! Yeeeeaaaaaahhh!

19 weeks and going strong.

5 Responses

  1. Nice! Thats a lovely baby bump, as they say.

  2. *smooch* Gawd I love me some pregnant ladies. I am totally that freak that wants to touch it! I mean, NOT TO STRANGERS, obvi. But like, if I met you in real life I’d rub it. Totally 😉

  3. You are 19 weeks and you can still fit into your normal jeans? I go one week on Oreos and I can’t fit into my normal jeans. Not fair.

  4. It really happens over night. One minute you do not look pregnant and then the next thing. . .pow! Just wait until you feel little Rocket move. It is amazing. He will become your best little buddy for the next five months. Love,ash

  5. Lil Sass: I would totally let you. If ever we should meet, in the next four months, I would stick out my belly just for you.

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