Is This Weird?

Whenever I come across a new blog that really catches my attention, I will go back to its very inception and read the ENTIRE THING. No matter how many years I have to go back. I just like to be in on all the little inside jokes and references that occur when a blog has been up that long. I am current on even some of the longest blogs like Dad Gone Mad and Dooce. Sometimes I will even post a comment on an entry that is years old. This may be a little strange, but I figure why not?! It’s not like I can’t express an opinion on “War and Peace” just because it was written almost 200 years ago, right?

Does anyone else do this? Or do you just read the first few entries or so and call it good?

4 Responses

  1. I have done that before. I have not caught up on Dad Gone Mad and Dooce because they are so long. But I have done it to yours! And a few other friend’s blogs.

  2. Man, I thought I had dedication!!! I have actually only done that with a couple blogs, though I commend your thoroughness (shut up, that’s TOTALLY a word). I already spend waaaaay too much time reading blogs, I can’t imagine what archive-trolling would do to my sleep schedule. I mean Jesus, it’s 2:30am and here I am, doing my daily catch up!

    Sidenote: I am thinking of going wordpress because I totals heart the layout/fun design of your blog. Thanks for the inspiration lady ;-*

  3. I do the exact same thing, except I don’t comment on old entries.

    I like to know the history behind the writer.

  4. Absolutely I do that. The whole reason that I like a blog is because I’m interested in that person’s life (well, and how they write about it), so I want to know all about what they’ve been through, etc., so I can be “up” on everything. I’m 100% with you. I also have an excessive amount of free time at work, which I suppose could contribute.

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