Junior and Q: Take 8

Junior: A friend of mine brought over his roommate, this Korean girl, to game night last night. She was fucking HOT!

Q: What was her name?

Junior: Chang.

Q: Cute.

Junior: Or Chung.

Q: Hahaha!

Junior: Something like that.

Q: Or Ching Chang Wing Wang Wong.

Junior: Or Ching Chang Bang Mi.

Q: Everybody wang Chung tonight! . . . or whatever her name is…

Junior: Hahahahahahahah; that is awesome!!!

3 Responses

  1. You must be very thankful for blog material from those two.

  2. Badass Geek: These are actually IM conversations between my brother and me. I am Q (as in Susie Q) and he is Junior (as in Pete Jr.)

  3. Ah, ain’t it fun when you get along with your sibling??!! lol

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