What the Hell?

This clinches it. Rocket is never watching TV unless it is DVDs of Sesame Street episodes from the 1970’s or 321 Contact.

3 Responses

  1. Oh my god! I couldn’t even watch the entire thing!

    What where they thinking? Or smoking, for that matter?

  2. Bwahaaahahaaaaaaa! [wiping eyes] Is it just me or does the guy having the “tummy party” sound a little like SpongeBob? Anyway, yeah, perhaps you can get “The Electric Company” on DVD.

  3. Where did you find that!?! I am totally going to sing that to Rocket when you’re not around and even do the crazy arms-swinging-wildly dance that he does. And I am going to tell Rocket that it is your favorite song and that he/she should sing it for you all the time!

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