Utah – Land of the Lewd Limerick

My family likes to play a little game while driving through the more barren regions of Middle and Southern Utah. The game is to make up a limerick using the name of the town we have just passed through. These are a few of the poetic gems that have developed whilst traveling through the desert:

There once was a homo from Scipio
Whose nylons had started to ripio
He said Oh what a drag
I look like a hag
Now I won’t get any dickio

There once was a cyclops from Fillmore
Whose name was Ivanna Seemore
She got stabbed in the eye
And cried Oh dear god, why?!
Now I can’t see for shit

Hurricane (pronounced her-i-kin…seriously)
There once was a flock from Hurricane
Whose shepherd was really perverkin’
The sheep finally snapped
Said Enough of this crap!
Our asses can’t take anymore ferkin’

One Response

  1. Ooh! Ooh! Can I try?

    Lyman, Maine
    There once was a woman from Lyman
    Who was too protective of her hymen.
    She never got laid,
    So a virgin she stayed,
    (And I’m sick of all of this rhymin’).

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