Oops! I Almost Forgot!

I was supposed to post a little story about poo! A couple years ago, one of my sister’s friends came down with the flu and had an unfortunate incident in which they lost control of their bowels and..well…shazzed in their bed. It was quite sad. So sad in fact that no one had the heart to make fun of him or to tease him about it, but instead showed massive amounts of kindness and concern towards this gentleman. Well, one of my sister’s other friends didn’t like that this gentleman (don’t you love that I refer to someone that craps in their own bed as a “gentleman”?!) was getting all this attention and took it upon himself to defecate in his own bed as well! Then he proceeded to tell everyone what he had done in hopes that some of the lovin’ would be passed around.

What happened instead was, we were provided with a new saying for when someone is being totally pathetic and needy. “Look, everyone! I shit the bed, too!”

2 Responses

  1. Thats like crashing your car next to another car accident to get the attention from the paramedics.

  2. So if somebody is being whiny, and I say “Stop shitting the bed, willya?”

    Would that be proper usage? Lol.

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