What Part of “Exactly” is Unclear to You?

Today Jeremy and I went to this Greek place around the corner for lunch. The girl working the register seemed fairly competent until Jeremy tried to place his order. It seemed like a very simple, clear request but apparently we were wrong. This is what happened:

Me (ordering first): I would like the single chicken souvlaki with rice and a pita and a bottle of water.

Waitress (to Jer): And you, sir?

Jer: I will have exactly what she ordered.

Waitress: You want the chicken souvlaki?

Jer: Yes.

Waitress: You want rice with that?

Jer: Yes.

Waitress: You want pita?

Jer (now trying to ease the “your a fucking moron” tone from his voice): Yes

Waitress: You want bottled water?

Jer (looking at me, completely dumbfounded): Yes.

I am sorry. I don’t mean to sound like a total dick, but is there some other definition of the word “exactly” that I am not aware of? I can picture her having this conversation with someone:

Waitress: That guy looks exactly like Richard Pryor!

Person she is talking to: What are you talking about? That guy is white.

Waitress: Well I didn’t say they were identical.

2 Responses

  1. I’ve had the same experience.

    Apparently in the food service industry, the word “exact” doesn’t exist.

  2. Hahahaha! I am not laughing at Jer’s expense, rather the Richard Pryor comment. HA! Apparently the Greek Bon Qui Qui was confused. At least she didn’t call SUH-CURITY on you 😉

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