The Blairs

A couple days ago I spent some time over at the Blair’s with their new son Rowan. Well, he is not so new anymore…he is already 4 months old! I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. Just look at the cute little monkey.

It is a crack up to listen to Ryan speaking in a high girly “baby talk” voice to Rowan. He is such a good dad.

He was getting Rowan to laugh so hard! And it caused Ryan and Ashley to start cracking up which in turn made Rowan laugh even harder. Hilarious!

I am SO EXCITED to have these moments with Rocket!! Oh man, that poor little guy is going to hate my camera after a few days.

5 Responses

  1. Disguise your camera in a stuffed animal, so he doesn’t know the difference.

  2. Just don’t do what my folks did and take pictures at bathtime. Why do parents do that?

  3. O’man. I love those pictures!

  4. Ash: Yeah! I am glad you like them. I will burn you a CD.

  5. I was like that with my kids when they were little…

    Now, I’m like “Get your butt upstairs and clean that sty up! And don’t forget these socks!”

    Cute kid!

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