I Should NOT Have Done That.

I understand how this is all supposed to work. I think I just forgot, or was in denial.

I just watched a video on child birth. Why? Beats me. Curious, I guess.

Oh god, help me. That was a bad idea. Very very bad.

That part of my body is not meant to stretch in that manner. I don’t care what nature intended. I think nature intended a C-Section for me.

“I was born caesarean. You can’t really tell; except, every time I leave the house, I go out through the window.”
– Steven Wright.

4 Responses

  1. See I showed you at B&N!

  2. What no episiotomy? No vaginal stitches? No big huge pads (daipers) for afterwards? No forceps or vacuum? No loss of control of pee? Come on!

  3. Join the Club!

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