Oh, Come On! Do We Have to Do This Now?!

I can’t stop giggling about Finslippy’s post today. It reminded me of a conversation my family once had about being tarred and feathered. Yes, it is one of the many random topics of discussions that comes up around the dinner table….along with possible consistencies of poo and the latest news topic on CNN.

This is a portion of the conversation.

Mom: Being tarred and feathered would be horrible!

Dad: Really?! Can you die from that?

Mom: Yes! The tar burns and sticks to your skin. You suffocate on the feathers that get stuck in your nose and throat. Not to mention the scalding tar that is forced into your mouth and nose as well. It’s aweful.

Dad: Oh. I thought it was just more of an inconvenience.

“Oh come on, do we have to do this now? I don’t have time for this. Can we talk about this after lunch? I really need to get going.”

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