Pronunciation: ’ā-tē • ’tü • ’fif-tē

8.jpg Photographs I am particularly proud of.

2.jpg Days until our 4 year anniversary! Ok, technically it has been 10 years, but it’s been legal (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) for the past four.

5.jpg Number of books I am currently reading.

0.jpg Things that sucked about this movie. Seriously, it was fantastic.

5 Responses

  1. *gasp* I almost walked out of Smart People. I think it was the worst movie I’ve seen in years. Oh Sus, that pregnancy is fucking with all kindsa things including your intellect, your good taste and all sensibilities. G’head and get here Rocket so your ma can return to normal. *sigh*

  2. LilSass: Really?! I actually really enjoyed it. What was it about it that made you think it was so bad? Not trying to get into some movie critiquing spat with you. I am just interested in your point of view.

  3. I love that picture of my mom! I don’t think she would but I do. I love our coffee breaks!

  4. Your pictures are great!

    I saw “Smart People” this weekend. I’m not too sure what I thought of it, but I didn’t dislike it. I enjoyed it, but again… I felt a little empty afterwards.

  5. I don’t get to see movies so i am sheltered that way.
    But your pictures are lovely and all those books must keep your brain going!

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