Pronunciation: ’ā-tē • ’tü • ’fif-tē

8.jpg Number of cards I made over the weekend. It’s become quite the addiction. Thanks alot, Annie.

2.jpg Age Rocket was in the dream I had last night. Very strange. Jeremy was bringing him to meet me for the first time. He was adorable and looked just like Jer. Seeing the two of them walk up to the door, hand in hand, completely melted my heart.

5.jpg Minutes. Time it took to find a cute swimsuit for our trip to Curacao. I love it when shopping is that easy!

0.jpg Amount of laboring I did on Labor Day. Sooo nice to just chill out and do absolutely nothing.

2 Responses

  1. Tagged you in my meme my love 🙂

  2. No laboring on Labor Day? I’ll bet you’ll be saving all of your labor for Rocket, eh?

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