Everyday Life – Watch Out Crystal Gail. I’m Comin’ to Get You!

My sincere apologies about the blurriness of this picture. It’s not easy taking a photo over your shoulder.

I am in desperate desperate need of a hair cut. What to do? Can’t decide….any suggestions?

11 Responses

  1. I am in the same boat. But, it has been my experience with babies, the shorter the better. Unless you want to spend most of your time pulling it up into a bun every morning.

  2. Don’t cut it!!!!

    My wife chopped her long hair in favor of the “Mom Bob” and I’ve been heartbroken ever since. I know long hair is high maintenance, but there’s just something so sexy about a woman with long, flowing locks.

    I vote no cut!

  3. Daddy Files: Oh no. No “Mom Bob” for me. I just need to trim off the split ends and get rid of the Marcia Brady hairstyle. I am totally down with keeping the long hair. Just what style to replace Marcia with, I can’t decide.

  4. No thinking involved! Just visit: http://www.hairthursday.com/ and this classy lady gives lots of free hair advice. Such an addicting site.


  5. BTW, that milk carton is BADASS!!!!

  6. Go for it! Your lttle man will be grabbing it anyway around four months of age. . . Just look at me. I always have my hair in a pony tail.

  7. If I remember right, wasn’t the Brady Bunch popular in the 80’s? Aren’t the 80’s coming back in style? So, maybe having the Marcia Brady hairstyle means your cool, or something. It could be worse, you could have the 70’s bone-straight, parted down the middle hairstyle like I have.

  8. Long layers, girl. Don’t cut it short, please. It’s beautiful. I hate that women go for the mommy cuts. It’s just not necessary. You can always put it up if you keep it long. Those short dos can be way more work.

    I agree wholeheartedly about Aub. Do you know what’s up with him? I so miss him!

  9. Well, my hair was that long before my daughter was born and then I donated 12 inches to locks of love. I say even it out for now at shoulder length and see what happens when Rocket arrives.

  10. zengoddess: Holy shit! Those were amazing.

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