There is Something So Wrong About This.

It is a HUGE pet peeve of mine when business establishments misspell words or use numbers in place of letters on their marquees in order to grab your attention. I will actually refuse to patronize that business if they do anything of the kind.

What I hate even more is when I drive by an elementary school and see that they are doing the same thing. What the fuck?! Are you trying to give these kids a proper education or are you trying to perpetuate the World of Warcraft vernacular that is taking over the world?! Unbelievable.

I don’t know why I have such a big problem with the degradation of the English language. It’s not as if the poor spelling or verbal skills of others really has any direct effect on me. I guess it just makes me sad to see all the opportunity that people have, and then see it wiped clean off their plate by the use of a poorly chosen phrase. And I know that I am not completely exempt. I know that I could ease up on the cursing. But I just find it sooooo damn satisfying. Aaaaaaaahhh. But, I also know that there is a time and a place for it. On my personal blog, I will swear as I deem appropriate. At work? Never. Around certain friends? No. Although, in this case I do tend to slip on occasion. But I am quick to apologize and make an extra effort to watch what I say so as not to offend them, again. I can be fuckin’ respectful, damn it.

These are a few of the phrases that will get Rocket grounded for life if he uses them in my presence:

1. My bad. Damn it. I get pissed just reading what I typed. Where did this come from?! Is it that much harder to say “My fault.”? It’s the same amount of syllables. It takes the same amount of effort!

2. Meds. As in “I need to go take my meds.” Again with the laziness. Why? Is your life really so busy that you can’t complete the last two syllables of that word? If you are that strapped for time say something like, “I need to take my pills” or “Pass me the crank.”

3. Ain’t. I don’t think any justification is needed for my hatred of this nugget.

4. Brrrr. When people say this when they shiver it makes me want to shove an icicle up their ass. I would rather hear them say “Jesus fuckballs, it’s cold!” After which I would gladly whip them up a cup of hot cocoa and find them a warm blanket to wrap up in. (Honestly, if Rocket were to say that, I don’t know if I could keep from falling into a fit of laughter. Crap, I need to practice my “that is not funny” face. Do I even have one? Maybe it’s in the back of our closet, somewhere….)

7 Responses

  1. I know what you mean! Although, I am prone to “ain’t” every now and again. It’s the damn southerner in me that comes out whenever I’m back home or hear Jessica Simpson speak.

  2. When people type or write like they are texting, that really drive me bonkers.

    “C U 2 l8r, ttfn, kwim” I rant like Lewis Black at the mere thought of it.

    And call me a snob, but I will boycott businesses with improper spelling as well. No “Kwik e Mart” or “Kream n Kone” for me thank you.

    It’s even in songs now. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say/write the word “that” when it really should be “who.” For example, it’s “I need a lover WHO won’t drive me crazy.” When you’re referring to a person, it’s who not that!

    OK, I’m going to stop before I gouge my eyes out with a broken toothpick.

  3. Ha, you made me laugh out loud with that “Jesus fuckballs, it’s cold!” I don’t think that you’d ever catch me saying that one!

  4. Oh, Sus, you just wait to hear what comes out of your kid’s mouth. If my son says “true” or “seriously” one more time when I say something to him, I think my head is going to blow off. Ain’t and Brr will be blips on the radar, girl.

    My BIGGEST annoyance is when people write insure when it should be ensure. Big-ass companies do it all the time. I’ve seen it in newspapers and magazines even.

    Affect and effect make me crazy, as well.

  5. 8men 2 that sistr! No really I can not stand it either. I will only allow Venice to have a cellular phone if she is using proper spelling and I will check on her. If she is not, the phone will return to me. Books like this scare me as we have talked about.

  6. Jesus fuckballs, it’s cold. Now THERE is an expression I’ll be using soon enough here in Vermont.
    I am so with you on ‘my bad’ who the blazes thought of that? It’s really idiotic.
    The word is full of words that are shortened and shouldn’t be.

  7. I also hate the words:
    because THEY ARE NOT WORDS

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