I Can’t Keep a Straight Face to Save My Life

I have been Captain Giggles lately. The dumbest things are sending me into fits of laughter. I can’t even think about these things, hours later, without having to stifle an onslaught of giggles. What is up with that?! For example, my husband and I watched “Airplane” the other night. This scene comes on, particularly minute 1:36 – 1:40.

Thought I was going to pass out. That movie is so stupid, and yet it seemed to hit just the right nerve.

Then, yesterday, my dad sends me this:

I had to get up from my desk and go into the break room to try to gain control. I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe. And it’s not even that funny! I have just felt absolutely giddy lately. Not sure what it is. If it’s that fact that I am discovering Rocket’s little personality, or the fact that I am excited to see my sister, Jennifer Jennifer Crotch Crotch, or that I am madly in love with my husband. Whatever the reason, don’t mind me if you tell me something ridiculous and I collapse into a fit of laughter. I just can’t help myself.

One Response

  1. Does that mean you’d laugh if I tried the “I’ve got your nose” joke? Because that’s about all I have.

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