Childbirth and You

Jeremy and I are attending the required childbirth education course, this Saturday. Not sure why this is required. But it will be entertaining to watch Jeremy squirm and freak out when they show the birthing videos. Hopefully they will show the one I watched a few weeks ago with the large woman on her hands and knees, lowing like she hadn’t been milked in over a week. That wasn’t disturbing at all.

I imagine this will make for some very good posting next week. Or at least Monday and Tuesday. After that it’s off to Curacao!! Hmmm…better figure out what to do with this blog while I am away.

5 Responses

  1. I feel for Jeremy. I’m not sure I’d have the stomach for that.

  2. For as all hippy-natural-childbirth-midwives-in-a-pool-in-your-living-room as I am, birthing videos ARE.NOT.RIGHT!

  3. Sweet Jesus NOOOOO!!!! Not the child birthing video! The birth is bad enough but what’s really sick is the afterbirth! I never realized a woman has to deliver the placenta as well. That was by far the worst part!

    Tell him to keep a stiff upper lip and just rest assured that it’s not nearly as traumatizing when it’s your own kid being born. That video almost did me in but I’m glad I didn’t let it deter me. Being there for the birth of my son was the greatest thing ever, but that video still absolutely sucks!

  4. Those classes are basically useless in my opinion, and birthing videos should not exist!

    Everything you supposedly learn in class goes out the window, especially if you have complications like I did. Oh, I wanted natural childbirth until I found out what back labor is. Take the f’ing shot and listen to the nurses/midwife. That’s about all you can accomplish when the shit literally hits the fan!

  5. OMG that brings back memories. Nothing you’ll ever use or remember….you’ll be too busy trying to kill your husband in the delivery room!

    Don’t go natural, God made epidurals for a reason!

    I’m at the point now where I’m enjoying three teens. How I’ll make it through this I’m not sure. But I’m crossing my fingers. I’m keeping my sanity blogging about that now. (and they’re losing theirs)

    I really like your blog, it’s very very real! I’ll be back. Good luck!

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