Jr and Q: Take 11

I am leaving you with a post from the lovely and eloquent Jr and Q (A.K.A: my brother and me, for those of you not down with hipness of my blog.) I shall return with glorious tales of sandy beaches and 13 hour flights! Until next week:

This conversation took place during an intense round of Scrabulous.

Junior: Your turn.

Q: The boss is out of the office, which you would think would make playing this easier. But now everyone and their damn dog keeps walking through here. Get the fuck out!

Junior: Assholes.

Q: Seriously.

Junior: Your turn.

Q: So what are you doing in between turns? Are you chatting with someone else behind my back!

Junior: No, I was checking my email, looking for funny stuff on YouTube. That sort of thing.

Q: Well you could always type in “hot tub poo” into the search for a classic.

Junior: Hahahaha, that is very true.

Q: Your turn.

Junior: I win! I win!

Q: What?! Fuck off, really? Son of a bitch. New game. I can’t even tell you how much this helps to make the day go by faster.

Junior: You are kicking my asss.

Q: So much so that it took an extra “s.”

Junior: Yesss. Your turn againg.

Q: Well shit, no wonder you are losing. In English, please! You are typing like you have a cold. Ooh, good word.

Junior: Thanks. I am not doin’ so hot this time.

Um no. And my last word was pretty sweet, too.

Junior: Back in the game.

Q: Oh man! Only one space away from killing me!

Junior: I know!!!

Q: Wow; this board is getting awfully shitty to work with.

Junior: Yes. This one is going to be close!

Q: The suspense is killing me!

Junior: Calm down!

Q: My letters suck ass. I V L K N P B. So you know. . . I have options.

Junior: Hahahaha, oh sweet!

Q: Woo hoo. I could play one letter! Effin’ A!

Junior: And it was an effin’ K

Q: Hahahaha. I know! Damn it; you are totally going to win.

Junior: You suck. That is where I was gonna go! I don’t think I can go anymore.

Q: Good!

Junior: I doubt you can either!

Q: Don’t you worry. I will fuckin’ figure it out.

Junior: Pretty sure we are both stuck.

Q: No way! NEVER SAY DIE! NEVER SURRENDER. . . or vise versa. Whatever the fuck he says.

Junior: By Grapthar’s hammer, it’s over!

Junior: 307
Q: 279

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  1. As good with words that I am, I am HORRIBLE at Scrabble.

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