Oh Legacy, How I Love Thee!

They have finally opened the new Legacy Parkway. For those outside of the chosen land…I mean Utah…this has been a point of contention for years between the environmentalists and basically all those living north of Salt Lake City. It has been greatly needed as there was only one way into the city and back. When there was a wreck or some other issue, people who needed to travel on that route were pretty much fucked. Our typical commute before the parkway was opened was 45 minutes, but could last up to an hour and a half or more depending on construction or traffic.

This morning our commute on the new parkway was….da da da daaaaa….wait for it…..20 minutes!!!

Unbelievable. Now the real test will be to see how long it takes to get back home. Results to be announced tomorrow!


Everyday Life – I Love Utah Sunsets.

Possible Banners

I have decided to name my soon to be Etsy Shop, “. . . no better than she should be.” This is in homage to the epiphany I had a few days ago about how the only expectations I need to meet are my own. It was also inspired by a self-portrait, by the same title, I did a few years ago at a time when I was going through this same sort of self-doubt.

(Sorry for the shitty picture. I really need to retake this.)

So that being said, here are a few ideas I have for my store-front banner. Any comments, suggestions, what have you, would be greatly appreciated. I am not going to say which one I am leaning to the most. I don’t want to unintentionally sway anyone’s opinion. Here are the choices thus far:

I am planning on selling original artwork, prints of artwork, photographs, etc.

Spransy Quote of the Day

* This conversations ensued when my nephew came out wearing a ridiculous pumpkin-faced sweater he found in our grandma’s costume bin.*

Dad: What does the “O” stand for in Jack O’ Lantern? Probably Oliver. Jack Oliver Lantern.

Jeremy: You’re gonna jack all over what?


Pronunciation: ’ā-tē • ’tü • ’fif-tē

8.jpg New blogs I added to my Google Reader. Good Stuff!

…for a different kind of girl
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The Cure for Boredom
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2.jpg Weeks until our vacation! Hurry! Hurry!!

5.jpg Number of square inches I swear these diapers are that I bought for Rocket. I can’t believe how tiny these are!!!

0.jpg Preparations made so far on Rocket’s room. Starting to panic a little….or is that nesting? Not sure.

What’s So Funny?!

I have woken myself up every night for the past four days with hysterical laughter. Yeah. Totally laughing, out loud, in my sleep! Too funny. I usually don’t even remember what I was dreaming about half the time. I just feel my body shaking and realize that I am full on cackling. The weirdest thing is that Jeremy hasn’t noticed. Usually he takes full advantage of the rare times that I talk or do something in my sleep. The last time I remember laughing like that, while sleeping, I was dreaming about drop kicking our neighbor’s little dog. (Sorry, animal lovers, but it was fucking hilarious!) That sucker went flying!!!

I do remember a little bit of my dream from last night. I had just given birth to Rocket and they were laying him on my chest after cleaning him up. Jeremy came over to say hello to his new son and Rocket looked him right in the eye and smiled. His entire face lit up and then he just started giggling. Then Jer, in amazement, started to laugh. Well of course, because it was so infectious, I started to laugh. So there we were…a beautiful loving family so happy to be together, that we just couldn’t stop giggling. Incredible. Best dream I have had in a while.


My life is full of unfinished projects, unrealized ambitions, “I would love to do….” but never dos. I am getting kind of tired of it. And I realize with the upcoming arrival of Rocket, that I am going to have even less time to do the things that I want to do. Or so I think…. Is that really going to be the case, or do I just need to learn to prioritize the things I want to do with the things I am expected to do? Hmmm.

These are just a few of the projects (I don’t even think I could name all the ideas I have had) that I have started within the last year or two that have fizzled out like a bad sparkler. All of these were started with the best intentions (as all projects are) but, died sooner then they deserved to.

1. My second knitting project:
A hat. This was started only a few weeks ago. Seemed simple enough. I worked vigorously on this for about four days. You know where it is now? Sitting in a plastic bag underneath my kitchen table. I don’t even remember where I left off in the pattern. So now I will have to start over….again. (It’s only my second knitting project. Having to unravel it a few times was inevitable.)

2. 100 small abstract paintings series:
I thought this would be a breeze. Hell, I finished half the paintings in one weekend!

But alas, this project has also, now, sat dormant for almost a year now. Where does the creative energy go?

3. Selling handpainted or altered journals:
Again, I bought piles and piles of these journals to enhance with my own personal touch. I only finished about five of them. Certainly not the kind of supply required to have a successful market.

4. Painting ANYTHING on the sheet of watercolor paper sitting upstairs:
Yep. The name of this bullet point pretty much says it all. I have a pristine piece of watercolor paper leaning against my piano, upstairs. Every time I see it (which is often as I play the piano on a daily basis) it begs me to mark it brutally with a pencil and then tell it, “I am sorry, that was a mistake.” After which I will stroke it tenderly with a paint brush. All before lighting half of it on fire…because it just needed a bit of scorching on the edge. Yet, it is still sitting in the same place I left it after picking it up in a creative whim…..five months ago.

Why does this happen? Why can’t I get myself to do the one thing in life that I love more than anything? What is it that is holding me back? I see all these creative people through the blogs that I read and in the people I am surrounded by. You would think that I would be inspired! Oh and I am! I quickly run out and buy a myriad of supplies. But once I get home, I am filled with doubt. Like my work will never be as moving or profound as theirs. Or, I don’t know what I want to say with this piece, what if someone wants me to explain it and they think I am a fraud because I don’t have an answer?

Maybe I also set my expectations to high? So instead of deciding to do 30 paintings, I should just set out to do at least one. I think I am on to something here! It’s all about being realistic! I get it. Set out to do something that you know you can accomplish. If you are able to go above and beyond that, great, but if not at least you won’t feel like a big fucking failure. BRILLIANT!!

Thanks for helping me reach that epiphany. I needed that.

Now I am off to start that painting :)!