It’s a Good Thing I Can Control Myself…

…otherwise I would probably get my ass kicked.

Last night a gentleman stopped by our house to pick up a dog cage he was purchasing from our friends, Ryan and Ashley. He was supposed to be there between 6:30 and 7:00PM but, because finding our house is apparently like trying to find Area 51, he didn’t show up until about 8:30PM. Which was really no big deal, we were up eating dinner and playing video games, anyways. I just think it’s funny that people get lost. Get a map! Or ask directions! These are not difficult concepts to grasp, people.

Anyways, he shows up and Jeremy goes outside to greet him. As Jeremy is STANDING DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH the address numbers on our house, the man says, “Is this fourteen o’ four?”

It’s a good thing I wasn’t out there. I probably would have slipped up and said, “No, this is actually one thousand four hundred and four. Fourteen o’ four is down the street.”

7 Responses

  1. Oooooooo, my husband makes me so mad sometimes because he doesn’t like to go places he’s never been before, so he turns into a total byotch. It’s called Mapquest, duh! I’ve tried to talk him into getting one of those GPS thingys because I think that would help him quite a bit in getting over his fear of getting lost, but I haven’t managed to convince him so far.

  2. Thanks for doing that last night. I heard that he paid in quarters. Awesome.

  3. Ashely: You are welcome! Yes. It is the truth. He paid us with a sandwich bag full of quarters.

  4. Oh my! That reminds me of when I worked in a grocery store and my favorite question was “Where is the ice?” A couple of times, I’d find myself speaking slowly, pointing in the general direction as I said “In.the.freezer.”

  5. I would have just said, “No.”

  6. A zero should always be spoken as such, never as an “oh”. Pet peeve number 7.

  7. Badass: I concur.

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