Everyday Life – Pumpkins

I submitted my photos to Badass’s contest yesterday. I am really excited to see all the entries. Good luck to everyone!!

I think the real contest will be to see how long my pumpkin lasts on our front porch before some jackass smashes it in the street.

4 Responses

  1. I’m going to a pumpkin carving party on Sunday. I think it’s a really great idea! BYO Pumpkins, and they’re providing all of the fancy tools, and we’re roasting pumpkin seeds, and it’s adult AND child friendly. I think this could be fantastic.

  2. Yay pumpkin carving!

  3. Honey, you are a trooper! I cheesed on the pumpkin carving and submitted a lame photo. I can’t carve any pumpkins until next week so that I have some left standing for my Halloween party. I hope you win, girl!

  4. Which one is the pumpkin?! Hahahahahaha! I crack myself up.

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