Gotta Take a Hiatus…

which for me will probably mean I will blog only once every few days, instead of a few times every day.

It is getting down to the wire with this kid, and I have so many preparations to make it is not even funny. That being said, I will be sort of M.I.A. for the next little while.

I hope all you lovely readers are still around when I get back to doing this more regularly, again.


4 Responses

  1. Pregnant bellies and real life both mark quite high on the Legitimate Blog Hiatus list.

  2. I guess that it’s okay that preparation for Rocket takes priority over blogging.

    Just keep us informed somehow, okay?

  3. Oh, honey, when I was in your state, I would not have been capable of blogging at all. You get yourself all ready for Rocket Man, and just get back to us as soon as he pops out 😉

  4. Enjoy your nesting sweetie! I’m sure you’ll have a ton of new material to blog about when you have more time. LOL

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