Moonspun was kind enough to bestow this lovely award upon me. Thanks, Moonspun!!

It appears that the stipulations of this award state that I must write about six of my favorite things. So here goes, in no particular order (except for number one, of course!).

1. Jeremy: I think this goes without saying. He is my best friend and I can’t even remember what life was like without him. Certainly much duller, that is for sure! He has helped me to gain more confidence in myself than I ever thought possible. And the best part is that he lets me be me. He doesn’t care that I swear or say things that are way over the top. He doesn’t care that I am not “lady like,” when it comes to the jokes I crack or the comments I make. Sometimes I like to say the most inappropriate thing I can think of just to see the shock on his face and then the laughter that I know is soon to follow. I love this guy more than I ever thought I was capable of. I don’t know what I did all those years without him.

2. Getting My Family to Laugh: Nothing makes me happier than being able to get my family to laugh uncontrollably. I am not much of a showman and don’t like, despite any impression I have given here, to be the center of attention. So I try to do this in my own subtle way. For example, we love to play board games as a family. One we often play is “Wise or Otherwise.” My only goal during the game is to turn in a definition that will make the reader laugh so hard that it takes them at least 5 minutes to gain enough composure to quickly read it to the other players, before they start laughing again. The person I can usually get to the most is my sister, Karey. Fucking cracks me up! I love it.

3. Wet Cement: I love the smell of it. There is nothing better in my opinion. When we were kids we would go swimming all summer long at my grandma’s pool in Santa Barbara. I loved nothing more than to climb out of the pool and lay right on the cement on the edge of the pool, in the hot sun, to dry out. The smell of the cement and the gardenias blooming nearby and the ocean air was my own little piece of heaven.

4. Libraries: I could spend hours here. I love running my hand along the bindings of the books as I walk down the, too often, narrow aisles. The smell of old books is right up there with the smell of wet cement. I love walking quietly past an aisle and seeing someone totally immersed in a story, completely unaware that anyone else is around. I love peeking over the book tops to the next aisle and catching someone’s eye and getting that “I know, isn’t this magical!” look returned to me. Certain book covers can bring back a rush of memories in an instant. And not necessarily remembrance of the story, but of the time in my life when it was read and how those circumstance affected the book’s impact on me as a person. I hope to be able to pass this love onto Rocket. I can’t wait to let him loose in the children’s section and to have him return with a pile of books to check out. Oh and story time?! We are SO THERE.

5. Disneyland: I know it’s completely ridiculous, but it’s true. I can’t remember a day in my life when I haven’t daydreamed about it in one capacity or another. I love everything about it. I can’t imagine a time in my life when this place won’t leave my cheeks aching from sheer joy. This is another place that I CAN’T WAIT to take Rocket. I want to watch his eyes light up when the parade goes by, or to pull me along, with all the strength his little body can muster, just to be able to hug Mickey or whatever character may be passing by at the time. It’s going to be so awesome!!

6. Playing the piano: I could do this for hours. It is my solace when I am feeling overwhelmed or down. I find that I start to get very tense and stressed out if I go for a few days without playing. It can ease my mind faster than anything I have tried. Words can’t describe the joy I felt when I was given my grandmother’s piano. Granted I would much rather have her still around to hear me, but I know she is listening and I feel her there every time I sit down to play.

And now I would like to pass the Kretiv Blogging award onto the following people: Jess, Rachel, Julie, Miss Disgrace, Heather, and Nichi. Let’s have those favorites!

4 Responses

  1. Hey! You are very deserving of the award. And I love your answers! I agree with you about libraries. I went a couple weeks ago to the library on campus to do some research and came home telling my husband how much I love libraries. and I forget until I go to one.
    Rocket obviously will have great experiences with you and Jeremy as parents!

  2. Oh, I am so jealous that you have a piano and can actually play it! Make sure to teach Rocket, no matter how much of a stink he makes. There’s nothing cooler than a guy that can play piano, in my book. It’s tough convincing the boys unless you start them really young.

    Oh, and you just got me a little more excited about my trip to Disney/Universal in a couple weeks. Thanks, girl!

    ps: I truly loved your comment over at my place today.

  3. Hmm, 1, 2 and 4 I could have written myself. I wish I could play the piano. I think we might be identical twins separated at birth, I must have some rare form of dwarfism that accounts for the height difference. My friend Susanna (another tall, supermodel-type) and I also share a brain and she’s always arguing that she is the freakishly tall twin that people throw peanuts at and I’m all: “Shut, up, you twit, with your ability to reach upper cabinets without standing on a stool, I”M the freakish twin!”

  4. Speaking of which, why aren’t you on FB??? It just occurred to me that you and Stuce would probably get along fine. In fact you’d probably be, like, bff’s within a week and both stop speaking to me, so nevermind.

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