Everyday Life – Baby Shower

My dear girlfriends, Annie, Ashley, and Amber, threw a baby shower for me last Saturday. I love those girls. It was fabulous!

And yes, I like to be at least a head taller than all my friends. Makes me feel POWERFUL!

Actually, half the time I just feel huge…but whatever.

5 Responses

  1. Oh but you’re adorable.

  2. You ARE adorable.

  3. I conquer with mIss Grace and Badass. You are totally adorable. But having been taller than most of my friends since junior high, I can relate.
    Congrats on the shower!

  4. I prefer to be 3 heads shorter than all my friends.
    And apparently you’re only friends with girls with “A” names. I see how it is … I’ll send you my sister’s phone number stat!

  5. Damn! Sass beat me with the A-list comment. Sadly, I’m in the shorter category, but I’ve got one hell of a big personality! Glad you had fun, girl.

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