He is the greatest husband in the free world!!

My husband told me about a week ago that I had surprise plans for Saturday. Finally that day rolled around, and he told me that I was to go meet Annie and Amber at their house, and they would give me further instructions. When I arrived, they informed me that Jeremy has instructed them to take me on a baby shopping spree. That punk has been setting money aside this whole time for things we would need for Rocket!! He told them that I was to buy EVERYTHING on my registry list that I didn’t get at the shower (which was pretty much all of it as I have learned that no one really give a shit about your registry list). So you know how last week I said we didn’t have anything? NOT ANYMORE!!!! I couldn’t believe he had done that. It was so awesome, and thoughtful, and generous. And I just can’t believe what an incredible husband I have. And not because he buys me things, but just because he is always looking for ways to make life easier for me. It is so nice to not have to worry that we need a car seat or a crib or whatever. It is all taken care of. I was/am seriously speechless.

My new header is based on the bedding set I picked out for his nursery. Not rocket themed, but I don’t care. It was too damn cute to pass up.

I will have to post pictures of his nursery once it is all set up.

My mom and my friend, Heather are convinced that I am going to have Rocket sometime in the next week. I think/hope they are up in the night. I still have so much to take care of job wise before I have him. I haven’t had any painful contractions yet, so hopefully they are wrong. I could really use all the time I can get. My dad said that I will totally start “nesting.” He says I will come home and start cleaning everything and getting things in order, etc. And then that night I will have the baby. I was telling Jeremy about this, and commenting on how funny it would be if I LITERALLY BUILT A NEST in our front room. So Jer comes home one day to find gigantic Big Bird-esque nest in our living room and I am sitting there with a huge twig (is that an oxymoron) in my mouth asking him if he can, please, find me some yarn.

I started tidying up the house, a few days later, because my friend, Rachel, was going to be coming up for lunch. First I started cleaning up the dishes, then wiping off the counters, then scrubbing off the fridge and reorganizing the pantry. When I realized what I was doing, I remembered what my dad had said and immediately stopped what I was doing. Ha! Like that could possibly have any affect on when Rocket decides he wants to show up. I am so retarded sometimes! But I tell you, I am on the tip of me seat all the time, just waiting for a sign that he is coming.

Edit: I forgot to mention that he also made sure that there was enough money for me to purchase Guitar Hero World Tour! Can you believe this man!! I am so in love :).

6 Responses

  1. I think you should listen to the women who have had children. ha ha ha. You are glowing and “nesting”! I am just so excited to hear that Rock is on his way. I hope you go t the bassinet/play yard.

  2. You are a lucky girl. I love it.

  3. I’M NOT READY TO BE AN AUNTIIIIEEEE!!! Sus, I cannot believe it’s almost time. For reals, I CANNOT.BELIEVE.IT!! I’m freaking out, you must be peeing all over yourself. Wait … IS THAT AMNIOTIC FLUID???? OMG!!!


  4. What a great surprise. I think the new banner and thus Rocket’s crib set is very cool and stylish.
    Rocket will come in Rocket’s time and that’s just something you are going to have to deal with. It could be sooner or later, but it’s essentially out of your hands.
    With the guitar hero, I assume Rocket will be rockin’ from the get go!
    I love the pictures of you in the Big Bird nest!

  5. Your man is truly awesome. 🙂
    I never nested with either baby. I must be broken.

  6. So, just to let you know, your mom, my mom and I were planning on getting you the carseat you registered for. We just didn’t talk about it until the baby shower. Also, mom had seen that baby clothes bouquet thing and had her heart set on it.
    I can’t wait to see my little nephew! It will be nice to finally have one that is close to my home:)

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