Everyday Life – Folgers Is No Longer the Best Part of Wakin’ Up.

This is.

This is from the IM conversation I had with my dear friend Ashley this morning.

Ash: Susan, don’t judge me for what I am about to tell you.

Sus: Ok. Interesting way to start a conversation.

Ash: I just had a dream about you. And in it I arrived at your house and you wanted to show me Rocket’s nursery, and you had a huge nursery for him and it was beautiful. And then I asked if I could use the bathroom and you said sure, you’d show me where it was and that you had to go too. Well, we walked in and there was a Bede next to a regular toilet, and you sat on the toilet and began to take a crap and it sounded like an animal was coming out your butt. And then I woke up.

Sus: Hahahahahaha! And that is why I love you.

Ash: How weird is that?! Why are you taking craps in my dreams?

Sus: Holy crap; I have tears running down my face.

Ash: You know that noise that in South Park of a dying giraffe? It sounded kind of like that.

Sus: Why were we in the bathroom together in the first place?!

Ash: Because you had a Bede and a toilet.

Sus: So what? You were going to rinse your butt while I took some stanky crap?

Ash: Hahahah! I don’t know! In my dream all I did was look at the Bede and wonder….Who had a Bede? And does she expect me to use that? And then the noises started coming out your butt and I left the bathroom.

Sus: I think that is the best dream ever.

6 Responses

  1. Hahaha… this would be much more revealing if YOU’D had that dream. I had dreams of defecation. I was completely plugged for over two weeks at the end of my pregnancy. It was like Noah had closed off all passages. I tried all kinds of stuff to potty and nothing worked. I was SO afraid I was going to let go during labor/delivery. To my relief I didn’t. It actually took another three DAYS after he was born to take a shit! Misery. God what a thing to share! LOL

  2. Joe is totally convinced that I am a fecalpheliac. This would only confirm his suspicions…though I assure you that it is wholly untrue.

  3. You know how I’m all against awards ‘n shit? Well lady, I rescind that statement and would like to alter my values. THIS POST DESERVES AN AWARD!!!

    You know what I hate? People who use LOL liberally. Like in chat, they say they’re LOLing but you KNOW they’re not LOLing.

    TODAY I LOLed at this post and that happens very, very infrequently. This was absolutely hands down the most hysterical thing ever! The dream. The conversation about it!

    You tell that Ashley girl that I’m moving into your house, into Rocket’s crib so that I can surround myself with your hilarity.

    LOL for reals!


  4. Oh my goodness that is hillarious!!! Thank you for my morning laugh, even if you did post this yesterday!

  5. Nothing like busting a grumpy in the company of friends.

  6. Wow! It’s kind of hard to know what to say about…holy crap?!

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