Junior and Q: Take 13

Junior: I am totally dancing in my chair right now! Hahahaha. So suck it!

Q: Well me, too.

Junior: Good!

Q: And I can dance how ever the fuck I want because I have no beat to hold me back. So you suck it.

Junior: Whoa! Goin’ solo, huh!? No beat!? I’m not ready.

Q: It’s a big step, but I think you can do it.

Junior: Not without a tempo! I CANT DO IT! (said totally out of step)

Q: Want to dance it 4/4 and then drop it down to 2/4? It’s ok. You can do it. If the Jerk can learn to dance, so can you!

Junior: So true! I am black people too!

Q: You are also black people? How many?

Junior: Many many black people. Shi…..

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