Just So We Are Clear

This is in regards to this line from an earlier post of mine: “He told them that I was to buy EVERYTHING on my registry list that I didn’t get at the shower (which was pretty much all of it as I have learned that no one really give a shit about your registry list).”

I am GRATEFUL for EVERYTHING we received at the shower. No one was obligated to get us anything, but they did. And we are very thankful. I just thought it was odd that people tell you to take the time to register for all the things you need, but then no one pays most people don’t pay any attention to it. I didn’t really see the point. It fact it ended up seeming like a waste of time, other than the fact that I got to spend the afternoon with Ashley.

If I gave the impression that I didn’t appreciate all that we were given or that people have done for us, that was not my intention.

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