What Are the Chances?!

I am not one for believing in this kind of mumbo jumbo, but look at the fortunes that Jeremy and I got with our food today.



How funny is that!

7 Responses

  1. Don’t you wish that you could just sit back and witness. lol

  2. Look at you Ms. Posty McPosterson!

  3. Miss Grace: Haha shut the hell up ;).

  4. Now see if you can get the delivery date & time out of those numbers.

  5. Yeah, what’s with all the posts, Ms. I’m Taking a Break?

    Good fortunes, though!

  6. I had a fortune that read “You’ll be hungry again in one hour.”

    For real.

  7. Badass…that’s hilarious!

    Sus, that’s karma right there…believe it!

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