Your Gorgeous, Baby. Simply Gorgeous!

Just a few silly photos taken with Zen Goddess’s webcam. Let’s just hope that Rocket takes after his father in the looks department.

Dear lord, I look like Dan Marino and Kaa’s love child.

If I were to ever have a bobble head doll made of myself, this is definitely the picture I would submit as reference.

The tiny pointed head helps to take the focus up and away from the ENORMOUS CHEST!

Can you say “Up the Down Steriod“?!

4 Responses

  1. LOL Those are kind of scary….

  2. I like the pointy head one!!

  3. Hi, I’m Debbie. Your pictures are too funny. The name of your blog caught my eye. I’m a mom who loves celebrating family, food, fun and friends. Stop by my blog soon!

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