Sassy Mama Was Right.

It IS hard to get people to come out from their hiding places. I have had 65 views on my blog today and only six, that’s right SIX, people have commented. And everyone of them are people who have already come out to play. What is the deal? What’s with all the shyness? Help a girl out, eh?

3 Responses

  1. Girl, I have tried this every which way but left and people insist on lurking. Offer to send pregnant porn? It’s unclear …. but you just gotta keep writing and hopefully one day they’ll delurk. I’ve actually had the same lurkers for a long, long time and although I love ya bitches, it’d be nice to get a new piece of blogger ass, right? I mean, you old tricks? Pfft

    I tell ya. Offer to send them pregnancy porn. It’ll work and you’ll have me to thank. Obvi

  2. Yeah, I complain about this all the time, but the truth I’m pretty lazy about commenting myself.

    Once I threatened to slit my wrists with a potato chip if my readers didn’t comment. That worked fairly well, but I’m thinking it’s the sort of ploy you can only get away with once.

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