Bacon! Beautiful Bacon! We’ll Hold Your Blanket High!

This is for all you bacon lovers out there. Look at the sweet sweet pigness that you can find at Archie McPhee.

Bacon Floss

Bacon Strip Bandages

Bacon Wallet

Bacon Mints

And for the holidays…

Bacon Gift Wrap!

Is there anything that bacon can’t do?!

5 Responses

  1. I know I say this a lot but



    Tastes like bacon without the cholesterol and calories??? Oh my friggin gawd I think I might go into labor!!!

    And give birth to a little baby piglet.

    Sus, I hump you

  2. Apparently not.

    We need bacon currency, I think.

  3. !!!!!!!! Oh how complete my life will be from now on, once I buy all these bacon things. My husband won’t thank you for this at all. Not at all.

  4. Wow! Those are amazing. People are so creative. I think my favorite is the bacon gift wrap!

  5. Here are a few more:
    HAHAHA…just had to put that in!!!

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