Tick Tock, Tick Tock

So although I am not due for another 11 days (holy fuck, really? 11 days!), the doctor said Rocket can show up anytime. She believes he will likely come a week early, which would put it sometime this coming week. So who knows, there may be a picture of the little guy here, soon!

Jeremy and I took a tour of the hospital where the big event will be taking place. It’s a brand new facility and it is HUGE!

The funny thing is that the only time I have really felt nervous or anxious about the whole birthing process was on this tour. I think seeing the hospital beds and all the machines and whatnot finally drove home the fact that I was going to be pushing a watermelon out of my nether regions. I know that this is what God or whomever intended when he made women, but I have just one (or maybe six) question. Why?! Why did you have to make the opening so small? Aren’t you omniscient? Shouldn’t you have had a bit more foresight on the one, sparky?! Anyways, I just kept squeezing Jer’s hand tighter, and reminding myself to breath. Everything will be fine. This isn’t a first for any of the medical staff that will be involved. It will all be okay.

While on the tour, they took us past the nursery. Jer just chuckled at me, because I was completely enraptured with all the tiny babies. He says to me, “You just want one of these so bad, don’t you?” To which I replied, “No. I don’t want one of these. I want this one,” pointing to my belly.

My mom and sister are coming up, tomorrow, to help paint and set up the nursery. I am really looking forward to getting everything into its place and out of the livingroom. (Oh dear me, am I starting to nest? Quick, someone start gathering a fuck load of sticks!) It will be so nice to have his clothes put away, and his changing table all set up for his first little shit. I just want to create a little home for him.

My mom is so funny. Every time I call she asks if I am still pregnant. As if I would wait a few days or even hours before telling her that Rocket had been born. She says she checks her phone all the time to see if she has missed any calls from me.

One time I called her and said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I were calling you to tell you I was in labor?!”

Mom: “ARE YOU?!!”

Me: ” No.”

Mom: “Go to hell.”

That is love, my friends.

My official last day of work is a week from today. But if I haven’t had the little gipper by then, and I am still feeling as well as I have been, I will just keep coming to work. Sort of on a day by day basis. They aren’t expecting me to, it’s totally my decision if I want to be there or not. They have been so helpful and accommodating through this entire pregnancy and with the situation afterwards of letting me work from home. This Monday they are throwing me a little farewell party, and are shutting down the entire office at 3PM so that we can play Guitar Hero World Tour!!! I am so excited!! Despite the occasional complaints of boredom, this really has been the best job I have ever had.

4 Responses

  1. Damn. I want to come work with you at your job.

    GH at work? Fucking sweet.

  2. Please tell Jeremy to keep us informed on when my little nephew arrives. I was there when Ryker was born. I don’t want to find out hours after, either. Its hard to believe that cute little things can come out of your nether regions.

  3. have a great farewell party!
    It is a small hole…but mostly does its duty….it will all be fine!
    So excited to see Rocket!

  4. So exciting… the time is almost upon you. 🙂 I had my maternity leave all planned out & called eBay’s short term disability coordinators (Does anyone else giggle when their employer abbreviates that to STD?) two days early and said “Can we start my leave today? I don’t think I can take one more shift!” lol They were very nice & helpful and I was off for 6 weeks after that. I’m so excited for you. Squeezing out a baby can actually be pretty exhilarating. (I didn’t have drugs which may have been part of the endorphin high but…) I didn’t sleep for a day after both mine came. It’s all just so thrilling once they’re there in your arms! Who would want to SLEEP?! lol

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