A Little Home For Our Baby

So the little man has not made his debut, yet. But, when he does, we are ready! My family came up this weekend and helped Jeremy and me to complete the nursery. Oh man, it turned out so fucking cute, I can HARDLY STAND IT!! I can’t thank everyone, enough, for all of their help.

It was actually a two day project. Jeremy helped me plan out and get the measurements, etc. to stripe the wall, and to figure out how much paint we would need. So when my mom and my sister, Karey, arrived all we had to do was hit the Home Depot and we were on our way. It didn’t take to long to select the colors, since I was using a little inspiration.

After picking up the supplies, and a little breakfast at Einstein’s, we headed back to the house to start the painting.

Karey did all the cutting in around the ceiling, windows, doors, and baseboards.

The part that took the longest time was measuring out, taping off, and painting the stripes.

I am just relieved that it turned out so well, because, WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS!!

My mom rolled the first coat of paint. The next morning, Jeremy rolled on the second coat of paint, before he headed up to the golf course.

My family came up, again, that afternoon. This time my mom and Karey were joined by my dad, my brother, Pete, my nephew, Rily, and Karey’s husband, Henry. The boys enjoyed a little HD Football, while the girls assembled and set up the furniture. At one point, Jeremy came up and requested that he take my place so that I could replenish the chocolate chip cookies.

When the cookies were done, I went back up to help them put the bedding on the crib and to set everything in its proper place.


My mom helped to organize the closet with all his little tiny clothes.

And, OF COURSE, we had to hang up the banner that Annie made for his baby shower.

And with a few final touches…

…we were done!

I love it! All I need now is a rocking chair and a little shelf to keep his books.

13 Responses

  1. Susan, that is absolutely perfect! I can’t wait to see the look on Rocket’s face when he sees it!

  2. It looks absolutely amazing. It looks like it took a lot of planning and it came out great. I just wish you were going to use it.

    Believe me, I did the same thing. New floorboards, I put a chair rail on, painted and I even stenciled little moons and stars all across the top of the room. It was the perfect nursery, crafted with love and ready to house my child. The only problem was we’re NEVER in that room.

    Seriously, he sleeps there and I change him there. That’s it. The rest of the time he’s out in the living room or some other part of the house. It’s one of the mean little secrets no one ever tells you when you have a kid. I was so proud of that nursery and now it’s basically baby storage except for at night.

    But I have to compliment you on the stripes. I did not have the patience to measure everything out so I gave up. Good job!

  3. Amber: Thanks!! You and Annie must come up at see it!!

    Daddy Files: It’s ok that he will only sleep and be relieved of poopy diapers in there for now. I tried to keep it as ‘baby theme’ free as possible, so that it can easily transform into an older room as he grows up. The crib actually converts into a full size bed, too. So he his pretty much set until he is 17 and can buy his own damn bed!

  4. That is totally awesome! Steve and I love the stripes. How much can I hire you and your family for when Steve and I need one of those rooms 🙂

  5. Wow! I watched lots of decorating shows and feel like I just saw a brief one. It’s lovely and gorgeous, stylist and not too baby-like! You should be proud! I LOVE the huge diaper pin and the rocket pendant!

  6. Too Cute!!! I cannot believe it is any day! Do you mind visitors at the hospital?

  7. sqwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I.LOVE.STRIPES!!! OMG that room is retahded adorable. I looooove to paint and am like totally kickass good at cutting in. I wish I was there to help. I would have forced you to lay on the ground, eat peppermind Jo Jos and manage the process without lifting a finger. Basically, I’d be a better spouse than Jeremy. Think about it

  8. Dani: ONE MILLION DOLLARS!! Just kidding. We would be happy to help. Just let us know when that will be.

    Moonspun: That is too sweet :).

    Ashley: Me neither!!! I think we would love visitors, after he is born. We will let you know when he has arrived :).

    LilSass: I would have loved it if you were there. We probably wouldn’t have accomplished much though, with all the cracking up! But, I don’t know if you could top Jeremy as a spouse. He has put in so much more help and support, above and beyond the nursery, than could possibly be described on this blog.

  9. It looks awesome Sus! Anthony & I looked at these last night while I was working and he was impressed as well. We painted part of our house about a year ago and it’s not an easy job. Why would anyone ever want to take on the task while pregnant?! Awesome job!

  10. What a great job! I’m truly impressed at all the work, and how nice everything turned out. Rocket will love it!

  11. I’ve always wanted to try stripes, but I am totally not brave enough. It wouldn’t look so good crooked.

  12. Nice work on the stripes! It’s very non-baby specific, and you can just change out the accessories. Very smart. That’s exactly what we did, and we haven’t had to repaint in seven years!

  13. That’s so awesome- I love the stripes!!

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