Everyday Life – Zen Goddess’s Idea of Rocket

When my friend, Zen Goddess pictures Rocket, this is what she sees.

I am afraid of how right on the money she might actually be!

4 Responses

  1. *Snort*

    And in response to your last post, what do you mean you’re putting off eating a chocolate donut??!?!? Don’t you care about Rocket’s health at all?? He is a growing boy and he needs mad calories. So suck it up. sister, and eat that donut. Do it for the baby.

  2. Rock on, Rocket, rock on!

  3. Lil moonspun, my 8 year old is looking at this with me. She says “It’s odd and cool and funny.”
    Don’t know I could say it better. Except with the nose ring, you might having trouble sucking his boogies with that sucker thing you have to use when they get colds.

  4. Works for me, except for the ones between the eyes. That’s just disturbing!

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