In Which I Present My Random Thoughts in Bulleted Points.

  • I can’t concentrate. It’s so hard to work, knowing that this could possibly be your last day of having to work from the office
  • Holy shit, Sus. Focus.
  • If I hear one more comment about the stupid football game this weekend, I may kill somebody.
  • Thinking about having a contest to see who can guess the birth weight, length, and date/time of arrival for Rocket.
  • Why am I thinking about a contest? I have other shit I should be concentrating on.
  • But doesn’t a contest sound fun?!
  • I wish Rocket was here.
  • I keep doing a double take when I walk up to our car. I am still not used to the carseat in there.
  • I have been holding off on eating this chocolate cake donut. I cannot wait any longer!!
  • Only 3 hours left of the work day. Can she focus enough to get everything done? CLEARLY NOT!
  • Can I please just go home and hang out with Jeremy?

4 Responses

  1. Eat the doughnut!

  2. A contest does sound fun, but I don’t know enough about babies to make an educated average guess.

  3. First, always eat the donut.
    Second, no one is expecting you to concentrate…even your employers. They are realistic!

  4. 7.11 is my guess on weight and 21 inches long.

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